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Platform: Linux, Windows
Wink is a Tutorial and Presentation creation software. 
Function: Screen Capture, recording etc.

VLC media Player
Platform: Windows (portable), Linux, Mac OS

Function: Play movie, Media conversion, screen recording etc.
A wireless network scanner

Platform: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
It works on Windows Command: netsh

Teaching suggestions
  • Explain some basic terms of Wireless Network. (bssid, WEP, WPA etc)
  • Perform a 'War Driving' /'War Walking' around the Campus to capture the AP information of nearby region.
  • Export a csv file for analysis.
  • Computer Ethics should be discussed.

A open source network Protocol Analyser, formerly named Ethereal.

Platform: Linux, Windows, Unix, 
Windows Portable (needed to install WinPcap.

Teaching Suggestions
Can be used to demonstrate Capture Packets and read password without encryption. Computer Ethics should be discussed.

Method 1
Set up a VM and login a website with http.
In the host computer, find the password with Wireshark.

Method 2
Set up a rogue AP with a notebook. 
Use a mobile devices login a unencrypted websites with the rogue AP.
Capture password with wireshark