It is a server application suitable for teaching ER diagram in Database.


Platform: Ubuntu Server 1204 LTS with LAMP (Apache, MySQL and PHP) installed 
  1. Download the package in the server (Command: sudo wget http://wwwsqldesigner.googlecode.com/files/wwwsqldesigner-2.7.zip )
  2. Unpack it in the root directory of web server. (Linux Command: 
It can be used. Now you can create ER diagram, Save and Load from your browser. To load your diagram, you have to remember the name you save.

To Load and Save in the server, do the following
  1. create the database and grant the right to the database user.
  2. modify the php code in the file.

Official Sample site: 

You can refer to a older version in our school http://comp.rhs.edu.hk/sqldesigner/ 

To be continued...