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Chapter 06

Chapter 6 Entertainment

6.1 Computer Game

 Type Example 
 quiz game 
 logic gameSUDOKU 
 role playing game 
 action game 
 simulation game 
 strategy game  


Online game
Players have to log onto the server.
Online games allow players from different places for real time interactions in the game through computer network
Players have to buy game points or pay fee.

Flight (Simulation)

6.2  Informative Entertainment
TV web sites
Radio web sites
Music Web site
Film web site

Newspaper Web sites


Online entertainment tools: media player
Media Player
- Quicktime  (MOV)
- Windows Media Player (wmv)
- Real Player (rm) http://www.real.com

Cyber cafes
go online and play computer games
Internet addiction disorder

Starbucks is not a Cyber Cafe although they provide Wi-Fi connections.
Hackers are always start the attack in public area. They may also intrude your phone/Tab when you connects to Internet via public wifi.

6.3 Mobile Entertainment
Mobile phone / Smart Phone
PlayStation Portable (PSP)

MP3 players / DVD players

6.3 Mobile Entertainment
Download / Buy / Rent - Music / Movie
Play games
Watch news
Read books - Razkids

Internet connections: 3G /4G / Wi-Fi

Portable Entertainment Device; Smart Phone, Tablets
MP3 players, PSP.

Many years ago: Portable DVD player, Walkman  

6.4 My Dream Production House
Computer animation
Terminator 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eajuMYNYtuY start at around 1 min (only a few second)
Pixar animation studios http://www.pixar.com

Computer Generated Imagery (CGI)

Image editing
Video editing http://www.wevideo.com 

Personal Creativity