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Unit C

Test on Chapter 17 
Date:  Oct 28. 

The Networking and Internet Basics

Students will learn about:
  • how to connect to the Internet, and the hardware, software and Internet Service Provider (ISP) involved in accessing the Internet;
  • the personal, social and commercial activities that are available on the Internet;
  • how to participate in various Internet activities such as searching for information, sharing opinions, and exchanging messages and files;
  • the technologies involved in transmitting and displaying multimedia elements on the Internet; and
  • the design and construction of simple web pages for an intended audience.

Hackers intention
Try out password: Brute attack
service: Find my i-phone

System level:
Password policy:
Number of tryout before lock account.

User Level:
complex password

amendment of Textbook List

Lesson: Only Day 2 in MMLC Room 510. For the other 9 Lesson, we will use Rm 537

Login your account:
Domain account, Room 537
   User Name: rhs_xxxxxx
   password: Reset

eclass accout: No change in username and password

Google Account: No change

Syllabus Cover this year
- Section C: Chapter 16-20
- Section D: Chapter 21-24 (Volume 3)
- Part of Elective module (May be Database)