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Chapter 14

System software and application software

14.1 The relationship between hardware, software and users

Refer to Fig 14.1 in textbook.

Different type of user interface
Command Line Interface (CLI)Menu Driven interface Graphical User Interface (GUI)
 For experience userFor experience user Common for Desktop Operating system (icons) 
 Use keyboard onlyUse keyboard OR    mouse Use Both Keyboard and mouse 
 Windows XP - cmd
Common in Server:
Ubuntu Server
Windows Server offer CLI version starting from 2008
 Work with GUI / CLI Mainly in Desktop OS
use less system resource for handling GUI
typing is more efficient for experience user.
Less attacking point as less software is installed.
  User friendly
 No need to memorized commands.

14.2  System Software

Operating system: make the system resources and allow users to run other application software
Utility program - perform specific tasks include system security, data protection and resource optimization
Driver program - allow a specific peripheral to communicate with the computer system

Basic features of an operating system
 Type of OSFeature Example 
 single userallow one user to operate Phone OS e.g. Android, IOS
 single taskingallow one program run at a time. It can switch between application. Old Desktop OS (e.g. MS-DOS) 
Some of the phone OS.
 Multi-UserAllow 2 or more users to use at the same time Linux 
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 / 2012R2
 Multi-tasking Allow 2 or more programs to run at the same time.Most Desktop OS, some phone OS 
 Multi-processingrunning program with more than 1 CPU.Most Server OS

Basic Function of Operating system
- Device configuration (e.g. 裝置管理員 Device Manager)
- File Management (e.g. 檔案總管 Windows Explorer)
- Memory Management
- Interface platform
- network communication management

Example of Common Operating System (May 11, 2014)
 Phone OS
(32 bits)
Desktop OS 
(32 bits / 64 bits)
Server OS 
(64 bits)
Linux kernelAndroid 4.4 Ubuntu 14.04 Desktop Ubuntu 14.04 Server
Windows NT Kernel Windows Phone 8Windows 8.1 Windows Server 2012r2 

Linux Distribution:  
Ubuntu 14.04 http://www.ubuntu.com
   Different version are available

Windows 10
   Different version (Home, Pro, Mobile)

Windows Server 2012 http://www.microsoft.com 

14.2.3 Utility Programs
Groups of program to enhance an OS. Many are built in the OS.

Backup utility
Data Recovery utility
File manager
Anti-virus software
Program uninstaller
Disk Scanning program
Disk defragmenter (work on magnetic hard disk, Don't do it in solid state hard disk)

14.2.4 Driver Programs

14.3 Application Software

Productivity Software
 Types Microsoft  OpenOffice.org Google 
 Word processing Word writer  Docs 
 Spreadsheet Excel Calc Spreadsheet 
 Presentation Software  Impress 
 Database Software  Base  

Communication software
 Type Example 
 e-mail client program outlook, 
 Web Browser Chrome, Internet explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera 
 FTP program (security risk) 
 Instant messaging program Yahoo!messenger
 IP phone Skype

Multimedia Software
 Graphics Software Photoshop, Photo-impact, GIMP
 Audio editing software Audacity 
 Video editing software Windows Movie maker 
 Web authoring software Dreamweaver, Expression 
 Computer Aided design Sketchup (3D modeling software)

Entertainment and education software
Online dictionary, Google translate

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