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SBA Phase 2 Schedule:
Explanation and Pre-Exercise: Nov 9 (Supplementary Lesson) and Nov 13 (L4-5)
  1. Nov 17 L1-3
  2. Nov 23 Supplementary Lesson (Deadline for Exercise 1)
  3. Dec 1 L1-3 (Deadline for Ex.2)
  4. Dec 4 Supplementary Lesson (Deadline for Ex3)
  5. Dec 13 (Wednesday: Deadline for 1st draft report) 
  6. Dec 15 L1-3 (Deadline for submission: 10:30 p.m.)

ICT Exam date: 7th April, 2018 (Saturday)

DSE2017 : Do it together after Study Leave.

Supplementary Lesson 2018

MondayTuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday  SATSunday
March 5 (D1)
8:30 - 12:00
Rm 537


12 (D6)

Rm 537
19 (D1)UT
20 UT21 UT
8:30 - 11:30

22 UT23 UT

26 (D6)
8:30 - 12:00
Rm 537

27(D7)  28
Recollection Day
29 30  
 Apr 2 Apr 3
 Apr 4
Apr 5
Public H
Apr 6
9:00 ???
Rm 537
 Apr 7

Install VMWare player at home
Copy the VM with phpBB3 to your USB.
 Basic VM commands
 - Double click forum to run the VM
 - CTRL + ALT to toggle between VM and your hosts.

Username and password
- administrator / administrator
- root / administrator

use ifconfig to check your IP

Access you web site with a browser http://<ip-address>/
http://<ip-address>/phpBB3/ to access your forum
http://<ip-address>/phpmyadmin/ to access DB

use "sudo init 0" to shutdown your VM.

Basic requirements in Design Stage (in S5)
Overview of the solution in the design with justification
- Network design
  (Compare different designs and explain the features)
- Hardware platform (Server, network devices)
You may also using virtualization technology OR hosting service

- Software platform (OS, Web Server, Programming + DB)
- other tools used in your development

The Hierarchical of the feature Design
- Chart 
- Description

Clear and user friendly interface
Screen capture is needed. (e.g. Page Layout, color scheme)

SBA Assignment 1
Study different Online forum features. 


Draw a comparison table including at least 3 Online forum platforms. (must include phpBB) Must include the following items. (Not limited to)
 phpBB 3.1Forum 2 Forum 3 
Official site http://www.phpbb.com   
 licencefree and open source   
 OS support Not specified  
 Web server support Not specified  
 Programmimg PHP  
MS SQL Server (Windows OS)
 Forum Features

Admin, moderator, user


Submit on Next Friday. (May 29)

SBA Assignment 2
You may assume the Management decided to setup its own server (hosting, virtual, real server is acceptable)

Compare different Network Design at least the following aspect
 OptionsHosting Server Outside  Put it in DMZ Put it in LAN 
Justified your choice with explanation

Hosting Web sites

Submit on OR before June 5

SBA Assignment 3
With provided budgets, choose a suitable Hardware/Software platforms.
List out choose you have and compare.
Justified your choice.

Provided Budget: HKD50000 for the coming 5 years.

Compare software platform
1. Operating System (e.g. Ubuntu Linux, Windows Server 2012r2)
2. Web Server Software (e.g. Windows IIS, Apache ...)
3. Programming (jsp, php...)
4. DBMS (MySQL, ....)
Select and justified your answer.
e.g. support, costing, ...

Compare hardware.
Find a server configuration in web
You can also compare the Server hosting.
Select and justified your answer

Submit on OR before June 11

SBA Report for design (After Final Exam)
You will have time to revise and compile the above SBA assignment into a SBA Report after the final exam.

Exercise 4

Register an account with the name S6XYY where 6X is your class and YY is your class number.
   Use your School Google Account for registration.
You can try out the user interface on or before next Thursday. (Oct 8)
I will set you to moderator on Oct 9. and you can try out the moderator features on the coming week.
Capture some useful interface and studying the features and setting..

Date: 17-21, Aug, 2015
Time: 8:30 - 12:00
Venue: Tentative Room 537
Topics Covered:
- Chapter 28 (Book 3)
- SBA Project (Design) : More information will be posted on Next week (on or before July 10)

 Title: Discussion forum system

A Secondary School in Hong Kong is going to design a public discussion forum system in which a database is used to store user information and forum posts. Essential information about each post, such as the user identifier, IP address and time of the post, should be stored for security and user behavior analysis purposes.


The system should generate statistics and carry out analysis, such as:

²         posting statistics

²         user statistics

²         online traffic analysis

²         posting habits analysis


You are the IT project manager responsible for the project. You are going to provide solutions for some of the above requirements for above public discussion forum.