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Chapter 08

Database Management Software
- Microsoft Access

Exam coverage:
  • Create and maintain a simple Database using DBMS tool
  • create and use a form for data entry
  • Practice data extraction - Query database, create report.
  • Trace and interpret simple SQL

Paper 1: Start from 2016 HKDSE

Paper 2: Elective A: Database 
8.1 Database Concept

Information is one of the most valuable assets of an organization.

Typical applications of databases:
- personal phone book
- Video/CD/Books categories
- Property list of an estate agent
- Employee database
- student records of a school
- club membership etc.

8.2 Using DBMS

Hierarchy of database: field, record, table, database

Database structure:
include Field Name, Data types, field length.
Key field must be present.
Key field is unique to identify a record.

8.3 Microsoft Access

Database Object: (P.287), not confined to Microsoft Access.
Macro (will not be exam)
Module (will not be exam)

Using Microsoft Access (P.289 - 295)

Basic Data Types:
  • Text, Char : store text of length up to 255 characters.(use single quote)
  • Number: store numeric value (integer, numeric, single, double)
  • Date/Time (Use single quote)
  • Boolean (True, False)
Other data types:
Memo: store long text. (P.289)

Data Sorting (order by ..)
Filtering.(where ...)

8.4 Forms
A form is a graphical user interface used to manipulate and display the data. 

8.5 Reports

8.6 Queries
Basic Syntax of a SQL statement for single table

Select <Field names> From <Table Names>
  where <filtering condition>
  order by <Field names>