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Chapter 05

5.1 Basics of Office Automation

The advantages of office automaton
  • increased productivity. documents can be reused.
  • better data management - digital data are easier to retrieve
  • better communication tools. Name some communications tools for helping communications
  • reduced company expense. Telecommuting: work outside office. It save office space

5.2 Software and Hardware for Office Automation
Cheap hardware and software.

Office application (suite): Microsoft office, Open Office, Google Drive (Google Docs)
Name the applications in the above office suites.
Word processor, Spreadsheet, Database software, presentation software
 MS office Open Office Google Drive 
Word processor   
presentation software   

Office 365

Name two applications for Image editing software and communication software.

5.3 Basic Activities in Office Automation
Data application: data analysis (e.g. Spreadsheet), digital image modification, document editing and production (e.g. using word processor), report generation using Database. 
Data storage: Storage devices, network drive, cloud storage

Data exchange: using different communication tools. e.g. email, video conference.
Data management: DBMS, Content management system, Task scheduling system

DBMS are commonly integrated with programming and web platform.

5.4 Effectiveness of Office Automation
Factors determine the effectiveness of office automation
- Equipment
- People: training programs should be provided. User Manual is needed.