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Data verification (數據校驗)

- This involves double entry or independent entry by two different operators.


- This ensures that the input data are acceptable (接受) and reasonable (合理) by validation programs. (有效性檢驗程序)

Type of validation check

  • Presence Check (存在檢查) - used to ensure that all the data items are present

  • Length Check (長度檢查) - used to ensure the correct number of characters or digits in a data items.

  • Range Check (範圍檢查) - ensure that the data lie within a certain range.

  • Type check (類型檢查) - check the type of data is correct

  • Check digit (檢查數位) - An extra digit is added to ensure the correctness of the codes

  • Control Total(控制檢查總計) - Ensure that there is no loss of records before data processing in computers.