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Chapter 10

Presentation of information

10.1 Different ways of presentation

  1. List: emphasis the key points of a message
    • ordered list 
    • unordered list
    • Nested list
  2. tables: structured way to present information in a tabular form
    • Present a number of records at the same time
    • compare different items
    • Header row
  3. Charts: graphical presentation of numeric data
    • visualize the data
    • Common type: bar chart, pie chart, Line chart (select the correct type of chart)
  4. Graphical presentation
    • arouse interest
    • illustrate abstract concept

10.2    Using multimedia elements in a presentation (More information can be refer to chapter 4)

10.3    Creating a presentation
Planning of a presentation
Objective of the presentation  let your classmates understand the topics
 Audience of the presentation S4 students
 Content of the presentation Textbook, Internet
 Time allocation of the presentation 20 minutes per student
- Introduction
- Main body
- Conclusion
 Form of the presentation 
 Means of presentation 

Collecting and selecting appropriate information
Organizing the relevant information
creating a storyboard
Introducing interactive elements
Conducting an effective presentation

10.3 Using Microsoft Powerpoint

Some popular Online Presentation tools / MindMap
Introduction to Mindmeister

YouTube Video

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