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Chapter 09

Integrated use of a software suite
Example of software suite: Microsoft office, OpenOffice
Object Linking and embedding 

Many project needs to incorporate different types of multimedia elements. It may include the use of different software.
 Software Applications
 SpreadsheetDo calculation and create charts
 Graphic softwareCreate drawings and diagrams
 Database record and organize source information systematically 
 Presentation softwarecombine text, graphics and various multimedia elements and produce a slide show.
 Web authoring softwarePublish your work on a web site
 word processorPrepare reports 
 web browsercollect data from web 

convert files between different format
- import data / export data / save as (select the file type)
- Practical 1: Convert files doc -> pdf -> jpg 
- Practical 2: CSV -> Excel -> CSV.

Object Linking (連接) and embedding()
OLE is a technique used to insert(插入)/integrate(綜合) data from one program into another.

Object linking is the way of creating a linked object that links to an actual object created by another application.
Object embedding is the way of copying an object to the destination document.

Practical 3 (P.336-337)
Integrated a word document and an excel document
- using object linking. You have to submit the excel and word document
- using object embedding. Only the word document is needed.

Merge print is another example of OLE.

Office suite: e.g. Microsoft Office, OpenOffice
Data created by the same software suite can be integrated easily.

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