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Topic 6

Topic 6: Photo Slideshow in Google Site.


Practical 6a

Create a Photo Album in PicasaWeb

1.      Login PicasaWeb (

2.      Click Upload button   to upload your photos and save it as a new Album.

3.      Click “Actions” – “Album Properties”.

4.      Set the “Visibility” options as “Public on the web”.


For Google Account with Google+  (Google+ is not activated in our school Account)

1.      Login your Google account.

2.      Click “More” – “Photos” in the top menu

3.      Click “Upload Photos” and upload your photos.

4.      In your Album, click “Not shared” OR  - “Sharing Options”

5.      Click “Share with Links”. You can use the URL to access your album.


Practical 6b

Insert a Picasa Web slide show in Google Site

1.      Go to your Google Sites.

2.      Create a new page in top level with Title “Photo slide show”

3.      Click “Insert” – “PicasaWeb Slideshow” (Picasa Album).

4.      Select the Album you uploaded.

5.      Set suitable properties and “SAVE”.





1.      Enhance the outlook of your page.

2.      Create more Photo Slide show in other page of your sites.


Demonstration video:

YouTube Video