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Topic 5A

Create a Google calendar and embed it on your Google site


Practical 5a: Create a new Google Calendar “School Calendar”


1.      Login your Google account.

2.      Click “Calendar” at the top menu.

3.      Select “My Calendar” – “Create New Calendar”

4.      Enter the Calendar Name (School Calendar) and Description (Calendar of Rosaryhill School)

5.      Tick “Share this calendar with others” and “Make this calendar public”

6.      Click the button “Create Calendar”

7.      Change the calendar to “Month” View.

8.      Enter the events distributed to you in class. For each event, click the date of event and enter the following:

Ø            Tick “All day”

Ø            where e.g Rosaryhill School

Ø            Select “School Calendar”

Ø            Description. e.g. School Opens

Ø            Show me as: Busy

Ø            Privacy: Public

Ø            Click “SAVE” button to confirm the event