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Topic 4

Construct a BLOG using “announcement” templates

The announcement templates organized web pages in chronological order.

Practical 4

Create a BLOG to introduce your favorite singer/band/sports.

1.      Create a new page, “My BLOG”, at the top level using “Announcements” Template.

2.      Click “New Post” to create a new page. Write some introduction about your favorite item.

3.      Search a video about your favorite item in you tube. Copy the URL.

4.      Click “New Post” to create your 2nd post. To respect copyright, you must add the title and URL as a reference in the page. Write a short paragraph to introduce the video.

5.      Click “Insert” – “Video” – “Youtube” and paste the URL in the textbox and set the properties of video.

6.      Click “Save” to complete the page.

Extension: Prepare your own video and upload to Youtube.