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Topic 3

Learn to change page settings, create subpage and insert graphics and attachment in a page.

Create a new page, “My works”, to post your assignments of different subject. Create subpages to show your assignments. It can be photos of your art works, your composition, APK files done in last term.

Practical 3a

Complete the worksheet to introduce a network device.

1.      Download the worksheet “Pictionary.doc” from eclass assignment.

2.      Select a network device you leant in Chapter 2. (e.g. Wireless access point)

3.      Find a photo/Picture in Internet and insert it in the worksheet.

4.      Write down the name of device and a sentence to describe the device.

5.      Save the Word Document as “S3XYY_pictionary.doc” where 3X is your class and YY is your class no.

6.      Save a pdf version of your document. (Click File - Save As - S3XYY_pictionary.pdf)

7.      Use the following methods or otherwise to produce a jpg version of your word document.

Open the pdf file with Adobe Acrobat and save a jpg version. (Click File - Save as – S3XYY_Pictionary.jpg)

8.      Upload the files (jpg, pdf, doc) in eclass.



1.      Apply different formatting techniques (e.g. WordArt), add more decoration to your worksheet.

2.      Take a photo of the network device in your home and use it in your worksheet.

Practical 3b

1.      Create a page called “My works” and write something to introduce your work.

2.      Click “Insert” – “Subpage listing” and “Save”.

3.      Create a subpage called “Network Device assignment” under “My works”

4.      Click Insert – images and select the jpg file and upload to the site. Do suitable format.

5.      Add the other 2 files, pdf and doc, in the pages. (Click “Add files” and select the files)

“More” – “Page settings”


1.      Create sub-page under “My works” for assignment of different subject.

2.      Introduce your assignment and shows your work.