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Topic 1

Create your personal Google sites

Information pages include at least the following pages:

1.          Self-introduction as Home page.

2.          Class Time Table. The lesson time table of your class

3.          Your homework /assignment. Post some pictures of your good works. E.g. Chinese/English Composition, VA drawings, Android APK files.

4.          Your Favorite singer/Band/Song. Embed a Youtube video in it.

5.          School Calendar. Integrated Google Calendar

6.          Photo album Slide Show

Sample Sites :

Topic 1:

Create your first site named “s3xyy” and understand the basic settings and sharing options of your site. The outlook of a sample site:

Sidebar: Navigation bar of your site


Login URL

User Name

where XXXXXX is your student ID


where XXXXXX is your student ID

Initial Password


        where      SSSS is the first 4 digits/letters of your STRN/HKID

                        MMDD is the month and day of your birthday.


Practical 1


1.      Login your Google account

2.      Click “Sites” (協作平台) and use Blank template

3.      Click “CREATE” and fill in the textbox with the following information

Name your site: Your Name

Site location: s3xyy where “s3x” is your Class and “yy” is your class number. E.g. s3e01

4.      Expand “Select a theme” and select your favorite theme.

5.      Expand “More options” and fill in the textbox. (Site categories: Computer Assignment)

6.      Click “CREATE” to save your settings.

7.      Click “More”“Manage site” to review the basic settings of your site.

8.      Click “Sharing and permissions”. Copy “Link to share” to the following box. It will be the URL of your web site


9.      Click “change” to change the visibility options to “Anyone with the link – can view” and Click “Save”.

10.  Back to your site and click  to edit the “Home” page of your site. Write something to introduce yourself.  Below is some guiding Questions for writing a self-introduction.

Ø          What is your name? My Name is ___________________. I am a Secondary 3 student of Rosaryhill School.

Ø          What is your favorable subject? My Favorable subject is ______________. I like it because …

Ø          What are your hobbies? ________________________________________

Ø          What is your most favorable sport? _______________________________



Extensions activities:

1.          Apply different formatting features in the “Home page”.

2.          Change the page settings of your home page, settings of your site. Please write down the changes you have made in the “Home page”.


Demonstration video:

YouTube Video