GIMP is an image editing software

An Image are composed of several layer.

Basic techniques of GIMP
  1. Create a new file with resolution (e.g. 1600 x 1200)
  2. Change the background color.
  3. Open image as layers. (File - Open as layers)
  4. Move, Rotate (Layer - Transform), Scale (Layer - Scale) a layer. 
  5. Change the order of layer
  6. Add text as a layer to an image

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Adding text, Save as xcf, Export as jpg
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Other techniques: Transparency
  1. Right Click [on image] -> Layer -> Transparency -> Add Alpha Channel
  2. Right Click -> Select -> By Color
  3. Click on a color. [Choose additional colors by holding down Shift and clicking again.]
  4. Right Click -> Edit -> Clear
  5. Right Click -> File -> Export as gif, png format
Project Requirement 
設計一張燙畫 Iron-on-picture

Basic requirement
Design a A5 size Iron-on-picture with background color or pattern (resolution: 1600 x 1200)
add at least 3 images (layer)
Add Text "My School My Home" and your class, class no and name
Export as S1xyy.jpg x is your class and yy is your class number.
You are advised to submit another S1xyy.xcf file.

Some useful can be found in network drive T:\Computer\S1-S3\S1_Project (access in school only)

大小: A5 (1600x1200像素), 加入底色或圖案
加入文字 (My School My Home) 及 (class, class no and name)
存檔名稱: s1xyy.jpg   x 是班, yy 是班號

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