Android SDK

Android SDK in Windows (Eclipse platform)

Platform: Windows 7 with Java SE Development Kit
  1. Download the Android SDK. (You may note down the path of installation)
  2. Download Eclipse Classics and decompress the zip files. 
  3. Install the ADT plugin for Eclipse
    1. Start eclipse by Double click the eclipse.exe in the folder. (No installation is needed, suggested to add a shortcut in desktop for your convenience).
    2. Select HELP - Install New software.
    3. Click ADD.
    4. Enter 'ADT plugin' and the URL , click OK
    5. Select the development tools and click NEXT and follow the instructions.
    6. Restart eclipse. 
  4. Download the latest SDK tools and platforms using the SDK Manager. 
    1. In eclipse, Select Windows - Android SDK Manager
    2. Select suitable items and update.
If eclipse can not found the path of your android SDK, You can select "Windws - Preferences", then select Android and type the path noted down in step (1).